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Rekaman Lengkap Mirisnya Tragedi 9/11 Dirilis

New York – Rekaman antara controller, pilot dan otoritas militer selama insiden 11 September 2011 untuk pertama kalinya dirilis dalam peringatan ke-10 tragedi 9/11 tersebut.
Penggalan-penggalan percakapan radio itu sudah pernah beredar sebelumnya. Namun dokumen yang dirilis Rutgers Law Review ini dengan jelas menunjukkan apa yang terjadi saat empat pesawat dibajak untuk merubuhkan menara kembar, menyerang Pentagon dan satu terjatuh di Pennsylvania.
Rekaman dirilis dalam rangka 10 tahun peringatan tragedi yang dikenal sebagai 9/11 (nine eleven) itu. Terdengar betapa Amerika Serikat (AS) sama sekali tidak siap mengantisipasi adanya serangan teror. Pengawas lalu lintas udara (controller) berusaha keras mengerti apa yang terjadi.

David Surowiecki took the above photo of people jumping off the towers.

Dalam satu komunikasi controller di menara kendali New York Center, ada laporan kebakaran yang terjadi di menara kembar World Trade Center. “And that’s, ah, that’s the area where we lost the airplane,” ujar si controller.
Pada saat bersamaan, seorang pilot yang tak diketahui identitasnya bertanya, “Ada yang tahu asap apa itu di Lower Manhattan?”
Di menara kendali Boston Center, seorang pekerja menyatakan pesawat sedang dibajak menujuk New York. “Kami membutuhkan anda untuk..Kami membutuhkan seseorang dengan F-16 atau (jet tempur) lainnya untuk membantu kami.”
Jawaban yang ia terima dalam komunikasi itu, menggambarkan betapa seluruh pihak terpukau dengan apa yang sedang terjadi di New York. “Is, is this real world or exercise?


Rekaman yang juga memuat pembicaraan dramatis dengan kru penerbangan di pesawat American Airlines dengan nomor penerbangan 11 yang sedang dibajak juga terjadi. Mereka menyatakan, dua rekannya ditusuk dan pembajak berada di kokpit.
Media New York Times menjadi yang pertama mempublikasikan rekaman ini pada pertengahan pekan lalu.

And the dust cloud grew . . .

and grew . . .

and grew . . .

enveloping lower Manhattan . . .

Newly released aerial photos of the World Trade Center terror attack capture the towers' dramatic collapse, from just after the first fiery plane strike to the apocalyptic dust clouds that spread over lower Manhattan. But the photos suggest something else was going on. This does not look like a "collapse".

The images were taken from a police helicopter--the only photographs allowed in the air space near the towers on September 11, 2001. Underwriters Laboratory had certified the steel up to 2,000°F for three to four hours. When NIST sampled 236 pieces of steel, it found 233 had not even been exposed to temperatures above 500°F--and the other three not above 1,200°F.

ABC News obtained them among 2,779 pictures released in response to a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA). In the air for three hours, Det. Greg Semendinger took three rolls of 36 stills with his personal Minolta Maxxum 7000 camera and another 245 with his digital Olympus U-2100.

It took a year for the National Institute of Standards and Technology to respond to ABC News. NIST may not have wanted to release them, because they contradict its theory that the heat from the fires cause the towers to collapse. Since the fires were not evenly distributed, any "collapse" should have been asymmetrical, too--slow and gradual, not complete and total.

Semendinger gave his photographs to the 9/11 commission set up to investigate the attack. From there, they made their way to NIST as part of its probe of the buildings' destruction. This one shows the fragile "bathtub" beneath the towers, which kept Hudson River water out. They remained intact only because the buldings did not collapse but were turned to dust.

Notice that the South Tower has already turned to dust, which is enveloping lower Manhattan. The modest fires only burned for about an hour in the South Tower and an hour and a half in the North Tower--neither long enough nor hot enough to cause the steel to weaken, much less melt.

How could anyone--including NIST--have viewed the conversion of these two 500,000-ton towers into millions of cublic yards of very fine dust and concluded that they had "collapsed"? It reminds me of the old Richard Pryor joke, "Who are you going to believe--me or your lying eyes?" Ask yourself!

Many photographers were in New York, covering the U.S. Open and the NY Fashion Week. Also, two photographic legends, Steve McCurry and James Nachtwey were also coincidentally in town. For Time magazine, Nachtwey took some of the most powerful images of the day, including the photo above.
New York Post’s Bolivar Arellano was just beneath the South Tower when it came crashing down.
Bill Biggart heard that the first plane crashed into the WTC on the radio; he rushed to the site, and documented the devastation until the North Tower collapsed and buried him. He was the only photographer killed during the attack. His camera and film were recovered, published in Newsweek on October 19th 2001. They are now in Newseum.
Suzanne Plunkett was covering the DKNY fashion show that morning. She raced to the Ground Zero, and as she emerged from the subway at Fulton Street, the towers came down. She took powerful images of panicked people running just before the dustcloud overtook her. She ran for her life hid under a car.
Father Mychal Judge, the New York Fire Department’s beloved chaplain became the most famous victim of the attacks. Judge entered the North Tower after administering the Last Rites to the people lying on the streets. Shannon Stapleton (Reuters) took the touching photo of Judge’s body being carried out of the rubble by five men, which instantly became known as American Pieta.
Amy Sancetta was enjoying a day off from covering the U.S. Open; on hearing the attacks, her first thoughts were, “Oh, great. Some guy has driven his little twin-engine plane into the trade center, and it’s going to take up my whole day off in the city.” She was justified in this reasoning, for in 1945, just that happened at the Empire State Building. She arrived as the South Tower collapsed and the debris cloud overtook her. After hiding in a parking garage, she emerged back into a “winter wonderland of debris”, and took the above photo of a businessman emerging from the debris.
Gulnara Samoilova who lived just four blocks away from the WTC was awaken by the sirens. She entered the south tower, but quickly retreated, and was just outside it when it collapsed. In coming months, as an editor of AP Library, her job came to involve going through the 9/11 photos. Deeply haunted by her memories, she left the AP in 2003.
Officer Richard Adamiak yelled at Ruth Fremson after she took his photo as he caught his breath inside the Stage Door Deli.

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